Welcome to the byte, Germany's first AI-powered Pop-up Restaurant.
"AI will be the best or worst thing ever for humanity."
// Elon Musk

We believe, it will be the best.️


> Genesis_

AI is one of the most important technologies in our lifetime. We've asked ourselves:
"How does an AI-powered restaurant look like?"

the byte is our answer. An immersive gastronomy experience, designed by AI.


> Approach_

All of our menu, cocktails, art and music are AI-generated using so called "generative AI models", a recent breakthrough in AI.

Generartive AI is able to create synthetic data such as text, images, audio, video etc. using so called "prompts".

A prompt is a written instruction for the model to create a specific kind of desired output.

Prompt: "A Michelin star table, geometric appearance, birds eye perspective".

> Menu_

We're creating dishes and menus using GPT-4, using prompts like:
"Create a 5-course menu that elevates the classical Frankfurter kitchen. The menu must be a fusion of classical Frankfurter cuisine combined with the multicultural influences of Frankfurt. Describe each course, its ingredients as well as a detailed description of each dish's presentation."

The resulting dishes and menu creations are then tested by our kitchen crew.

> Art_

Around our venue, you will find pieces from AI artists, here are some examples from Vladimir Alexeev:

> Music

Throughout the dinner, you will listen to AI-generated tunes from the startup Mubert.
"Mubert's platform allows users to unleash their creativity with a massive database of pre-made tracks and real-time generative music."
// mubert.com

> Team_

James Ardinast
Urban Tribes, S.O.U.P.
Jonathan Speier
Urban Tribes, S.O.U.P.
Sebastian Heinz
statworx, AI Hub FFM

Thank you for visiting.
Bon Apétit!